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  Ozone Bagging, the experience of one dedicated user:

..After spending over $4000 on alternative things, I can definitely state that ozone is the closest you can get to a 'doctor in a bottle/box/etc.'...I had a bad problem with circulation in my legs - I think old blood clots and other damage was responsible. I know I have a lot of internal injury from one MRI I was able to get. Anyway, you can feel the ozone "seep" into you. It feels like an "electrical warmth", and as I felt it seep into my legs, I could feel a "gurgling" and "bubbling" inside my veins/arteries in my legs. After a few weeks, my circulation is greatly improved, and my feet/legs no longer fall asleep when i kneel/sit...

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Trace Minerals and Bentonite Clay

( Incomplete Article )

It is believed that all life began from the vast mineral sources of the land and the sea. No one has explained satisfactorily the marvel of the creation of life. Because the components of the structure of living organisms is known, it becomes obvious what is needed to maintain that life properly.

Trace mineral elements, know as a micronutients, are substances of which only minute amounts are essential to life. Trace minerals become catalysts to speed the rate of chemical reaction to create movement. This is one of the most striking properties of living matter. Trace minerals activate the enzyme systems and biological functions that underlie nearly every manifestation of life. The tissue of higher organisms, such as the human body, are made up of vast numbers of cells that have relinquishes some of their independence in order to function together as a coherent, unified whole. It is believed that the trace minerals are the messenger elements vital for the development and normal functioning of a higher form of life which depend on the exchange of information among their constituent cells.

Less appreciated is the fact that many trace minerals contribute significantly to establishing the polarity or energy of the cell and the surrounding membrane in order to maintain an internal environment that is different from the external one.

Foods grown in mineral-rich, composted soils [ supply ] an abundance of the trace minerals. However, the Department of Agriculture acknowledges a serious [ lack ] of many necessary elements in foods grown on commercially treated soils. Their 1972 report on nutrition research states:

"Most of the health problems underlying the leading causes of death in the Unites States could be modified by improvements in diet. The highest death rate areas generally correspond to those where agriculturists have recognized the soil as being depleted for several years. This suggests a possible relationship between submarginal diets and health of succeeding generations."

It is evident that trace minerals must be found in other sources than in foods. Clay or montmorillonite is the source of most commercially produced trace mineral supplements.

The eating of clay has been observed in [ native ] peoples and animals in all parts of the world since antiquity. Early writers described the widespread use of kanwa ( earth from a lick near Lake Chad ) for animals and humans in Nigeria. Long journeys were made to [ this ] lick to obtain a tribal supply of this earth, and it was then issued as rations to cattle and humans...

...The magnetic field [ of the clay ] has different qualities to it. When an electrical field is in action, there is a positive and negative effect. A negative ion field takes on more electrons, while a positive field gets rid of some. The negative ion field seems more compatible with human tissue than a positive one. Negative charges contained in negative ions seem to be associated with healing, with feelings of well-being and changes in physiology.

Extensive research in bona fide institutions confirms the benefits of active clay trace minerals to the biological engineering that occurs at the cellular level.

Modern soil cultivation practices have caused serious mineral depletion in the food supply. Trace mineral supplementation is more necessary than ever before to protect the cell in our chemicalized environment. The daily intake of trace minerals should be universally accepted.


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Featured: Did You Know...?

...that doctors commonly tell people that a skin condition, caused by a virus that produces lesions, has no cure. But one particular four year old child suffering from this infectious condition rapidly cured it. The condition is known as Molluscum Contagiosum. Learn more: The Clay Cure for Molluscum Contagiosum.

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