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Books on Healing Clay, Pelotherapy, and Balneology

No holistic or natural medicine book collection is complete without a good selection of materials on natural clays. Why? To site just one example, there is a great depth of information on herbology and natural medicine in Raymond Dextriet's "Earth Cures" that cannot be found anywhere else, some of it having very little to do directly with clay and earth.

Pelotherapy is an incredibly unique discipline. It is almost as if, by virtue of being involved with natural earths, a creative genius is forced to emerge to rise to challenge of finding new understandings of human health and our relationship to the natural world.

The personal stories in "The Clay Disciples", by Cano Graham, truly describe such miraculous experiences. The written material rings with an authenticity that is very rare in the modern medical and alternative medicine world.

Learn about Gandhi's experience with using natural clays for healing in "Clay Cures", by Anjou Musafir & Pascal Chazot. Anjou and Pascal do a fantastic job documenting the historic use of clays, and all readers will no doubt appreciate their tone of honesty throughout the work.

Every single "clay disciple" has, at one time or another ( and sometimes on many occasions ) been shocked into silence by experiences with using natural earths for human health. All of the works below are excellent, authentic works about natural medicine and healing clays.



Clay Books Available for Purchase


...by Eytons' Earth founder Jason R. Eaton, "Upon a Clay Tablet" (left) is the first of a two volume set exploring the use of healing clay use across the globe.

Cano Graham has written an excellent experiential book that truly presents the miraculous properties of healing clays (right). This text is a must have for any clay healer book collection. Cano is singularly the most dedicated clay proponent I have ever met.


While Raymond Dextreit sets the standard (right), readers should remember that Dextreit did not have to deal with many critical issues that have arisen in matters of health-- due to environmental toxicity-- over the last 20 years. Clay therapy is continuing to evolve to meet these new challenges.



Clay Cures - Anjou Musafir & Pascal Chazot
Includes a chapter on Ghandi

Anjou Musafir and Pascale Chazot have done an excellent job in writing this uniquely useful text. However, we please ask that readers review all of our sections, as we don't quite agree with everything that is presented. As an example, we do not believe that clay should be cleaned and reused. At times, Pascal and Anjou also write outside of their realm of experience; this practice can sometimes lead to unintentional errors.



[Scientific Inquiry not directly related to healing clay]

Roy Mankovitz has produced a bold and unique treatise on a bluerpint for health, built upon research conducted for over 25 years, and based upon a scientific approach to developing nutritional habits based on successful human eating habits in the Paleolithic Era. The Wellness Project includes an excellent section on using clays and other earths for detoxification and nutrition. This is a must read for anyone struggling with health problems due to toxicity.

Michel Abehsera has done an excellent job in presenting a shortened, clay-specific version of Earth Cures. However, we feel that Dextreit's original text is better, as we don't agree with some of the editing that has been done in the new manual.

Alexander Graham Cairns-Smith presents advanced theories on clay as the origin of life. His work can be very technical but a 'clay library' is incomplete without his works.


Eytons' Earth would like to give a special thank you to Nathaniel Altman for his ground breaking work: "Healing Springs, The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters", which provides the only in-depth look into European Balneology available in mass print for the North American audience.


Jordan Rubin and Joseph Brasco, MD, have truly presented a remarkable book on restoring digestive health. Their "Guts and Glory" program includes the use of edible clays, and there is a small chapter dedicated to the topic.


How to find bentonite and other healing clays...

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  The science of clays is an emmense subject to tackle; one can get a PHD in clay science. The chemistry of clays is also a specialty field, especially studying clay as a colloid. One may thus also get a PHD specializing in colloidal chemistry. To understand the vast world of clay, as it applies to natural medicine and biochemistry and biological sciences, one would require an understanding of both specialized sciences. Skeptical? See the fantastic research of Sandia National Laboratories and other clay science research.





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Featured: Did You Know...?

  Mouth Infections are one of the most common "every day" health challenges, and are experienced by millions of people every day. Antibiotics sometimes fail to address the condition. Healing clay poultices or compresses applied "externally" in the mouth are incredibly effective. Read about clay and mouth problems in our form: Abcess tooth ( infection ) treatment with bentonite.




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